Larkspur Bedding

Imagine slipping into a deep slumber, the stresses of your day dissolving into the plush sheets and cool, feathery pillows that surround you and then waking up the next morning revitalized and refreshed.

At Larkspur Landing hotels, you don’t have to imagine. We’re committed to your comfort, and the proof is in our plush bedding. Developed and designed exclusively for our hotels and offered only to our guests, this feather-topped sanctuary is outfitted with high thread count sheets, a quilted down comforter, a premium duvet cover and a selection of six pillows: two polyester, two down, and two down/polyester surround. One night in our bed grants hours of uninterrupted sleep, leaving you refreshed, relaxed and ready to embrace the day—if you have the strength to abandon the cozy down blankets and get yourself out the door, that is.